• SunPower X22 360AC Solar Panels

    spr x22 360 ac

    SunPower 360 AC Modules include factory-integrated SunPower microinverters.  This 360 W panel is one of the highest producing panels on the market, using the latest in solar technology to guarantee the highest power production possible.  They boast a potent combo of reliability, efficiency, and a unique DC-to-AC power conversion on the module level. These panels are designed specifically for use with the SunPower InvisiMount™ racking system and SunPower Monitoring atmosphere, SunPower AC Modules are perfect for rapid installation, boast beautiful aesthetics, and of clear visibility into system performance. All this comes with the best Combined Product and Power Warranty in the industry.

  • Power Data
    Nominal Power360 W
    Power Tolerance+5/-0%
    Avg. Panel Efficiency22.2%
    Temp. Coef. (Power)-0.29%/°C
    Shade Tolerance Three bypass diodes
    Integrated module-level maximum power point tracking
  • Tested Operating Conditions
    Operating Temp–40° F to +185° F (–40° C to +85° C)
    Max. Ambient Temp.122° F (50° C)
    Max. LoadWind: 62 psf
    Impact Resistance 1 inch (25 mm) diameter hail at 52 mph (23 m/s)