SPR 360 AC Solar Panel

22.2% efficiency, 25 year warranty, & 30+ year useful life

SunPower 360 AC Modules are the latest from SunPower’s award-winning line of solar panels, part of their E-series which are known to be the most efficient and durable solar panels on the market.  These panels hit efficiencies that no other panel manufacturers can claim, at 22.2%.  They also have the best product and power warranty on the market, with a 25 year warranty and an even longer useful life.  Their durability is unmatched, losing less efficiency due to wear and tear compared to other panels. 

They’re also known for being the most aesthetically pleasing panels on the market; homeowners love the way they look on their roofs.  If you’re looking for the most efficient panel, that is the strongest and maintains its power the longest, take a strong look at the 360 AC.

Power Data

Integrated module-level maximum power point tracking

Tested Operating Conditions

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