• Sungevity Out of Business – What do I do?

    Sungevity was a solar company orignially out of Oakland, that started doing business in California around 2007.  They were selling solar and subcontracting work up until early this year 2017.  They went bankrupt, and were ultimately sold in April.  Looking at their Yelp, it seems as though they were yet another solar company caught up in shady sales practices and poor installation quality.  There’s plenty of stories of failed inverters, monitoring equipment, and water-logged panels.  It’s no wonder they went down.

  • So if you’re a former SungevitySolar customer and you’ve been left out in the cold, or need service immediately and don’t want to wait for it, we’re here to help.  We can repair and maintain your existing solar system, or add panels if you need them.  We’ve been installing solar in San Diego since 1998, and have lasted longer in the market than 99% of solar companies in the area.  So if you need help with your system, give us a call.