SunPower 327 White

20.4% efficiency, 25 year warranty, & 30+ year useful life

SunPower 327 Modules are some of the best in class solar modules out there.  With 20.4% efficiency, a 25 year warranty and over 30 year useful life, the functionality and aesthetics of this panel are among the best.  With built-in microinverters, the panels are able to convert more power quicker, and are safer than traditional string inverter panels.  They also allow for panel-level monitoring so that homeowners can keep track of their production on a very granular level.  They are made specifically for installation on SunPower Invisimount racking systems and for use in the SunPower Equinox solar ecosystem.

Power Data

Includes Integrated module-level maximum power point tracking

It's time to electrify your life.

Solar + Home Energy Management