SunPower 415 Solar Panels

The most powerful solar cell & the highest wattage panels

The future of solar is now. SunPower’s new A-Series solar panels, released in Spring 2019, deliver the most powerful solar cell and highest-wattage solar panels available for your roof. With the world’s first 400+ watt solar panels, the A-Series solar panels deliver the most power per square foot possible, so you can save more while using less space. 

Next-generation design

The 415 Panels boast the SunPower Maxeon Gen 5 Solar cell, which is 65% larger than previous cells, meaning it converts more light into usable electricity.

Maximum efficiency

With built-in, factory-integrated microinverters, SunPower 415’s deliver more power than any other solar panel commercially available.

More power

Nom. Power: 415 W
Power Tol.: +5/-0%
Module Efficiency: 22.3%
Warranty: 25 Years

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