SunPower A-Series Modules

Record-breaking efficiency with the new Maxeon Gen 5 cell

The A-Series panels, built for use with the SunPower Equinox system, produce more power per square meter than any other commercially available solar. The way these panels achieve this record-breaking efficiency, at between 21.5 – 22.8%, is by utilizing SunPower’s new Maxeon Gen 5 cell, which is 65% larger than previous generations, making it the most powerful cell in solar.

If you want to get the most out of your solar system, and produce the most power possible while utilizing the least amount of roof space, then the A-series of solar panels may be for you. Not only do they create the most power, but they create that power for longer, with SunPower technology providing durability and and a useable life that is unmatched by competitors. Not only that, they boast the best warranty in the market, with a 25 year full warranty that guarantees that your solar will produce for the long run. There is a clear choice for powerful solar, and the A-series is it. 

The Highest Power Density Available

The new Maxeon Gen 5 Solar Cell from SunPower is 65% larger than previous generations, allowing it to produce the most power of any solar cell on the market. That means the A-Series panels can produce more power per square foot than any other panel, which means more energy and more savings.

The longest useful lifespan

A-Series panels are built to withstand temperature fluctuations and shading better than any other panels, so they are proven to produce 60% more power than other panels in a 25 year period. That means you’ll produce more power down the road, when other panels will have lost a ton of efficiency.

Superior design

SunPower’s signature wireless panels and black frames are known to be the best-looking panels in the industry. That, along with their patented Invisimount racking system makes SunPower systems look sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing than any other solar panel system. 

The clear choice for more powerful solar

Nom. Power
425 W
415 W
400 W
Module Efficiency
25 years
25 years
25 years

Photo by Allen Paulsen

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