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In November of 2016, Stellar Solar, San Diego’s original solar company since 1998, became San Diego’s first SunPower Master Dealer, SunPower by Stellar Solar.  This merge comes after a long period of vetting by SunPower, which chooses its local dealers based on quality and installation history.  Stellar Solar was chosen as THE master dealer in San Diego due to its awesome reputation and history in the area.  The Master Dealer label is an assurance of quality, installation standards, and longevity that is expected with the SunPower brand.  We are essentially the local installer for the bigger brand of SunPower, which has long been known as the best solar panel manufacturer in the world.

So if you’re in Orange County or San Diego and are looking to have SunPower solar panels installed – look no further.  We are THE trusted SunPower Dealer in Southern California, so go with us if you’re looking for the quality you expect from the world’s greatest solar company.

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