SunPower Solar Panels San Diego

The newest & most powerful Maxeon technology

X-Series solar panels bring unmatched power and performance to your home and are known to produce up to 75% more solar energy in the first 25 years than other panels.

SunPower panels are also known to be the most durable panels out there, standing up to elements and wear and tear better than conventional panels.  This means they produce more power for longer, and have the most comprehensive warranty in the solar business.  

SunPower has also perfected the aesthetics of their panels.  With their patented black backing, anti-reflective coating and state of the art racking system, SunPower solar panels are sleeker, subtler, and fit your roofline better than other comparable panels, revolutionizing the way people look at solar power and renewable energy.

The SunPower X-Series of Modules

Why choose SunPower solar panels?

Maxeon Cell Technology for strength & durability

Sitting on top of your roof, your solar panels are susceptible to wide temperature fluctuations as the Sun goes up and down. These fluctuations cause the solar cells within your solar panels to flex – which can potentially damage them over time.

Instead of the typical metal lines you see on the front of a conventional solar cell that are susceptible to easy breaking under pressure, SunPower cells have a solid copper foundation on the back of the cell where it’s cool and protected. Not only does this provide more power, but it creates durability and strength as your roof heats up and cools down.

Masterful panel design with integrated monitoring

Masterfully designed with all-black, high-efficiency solar cells and anti-reflective glass, SunPower® Signature Black panels are the choice of leading architects and builders everywhere.  They also are mounted flush to your roof, so they won’t jut out like other panels.

Online & Cellular Monitoring

An all-in-one solar system

 With its step into the solar monitoring industry, SunPower now provides an all-in-one solar installation setup that includes the panels, racking, monitoring system, and monitoring software all under one warranty.

This innovative step towards creating a fully unified residential solar panel system that links all elements of the system, from the panels to the monitoring, as well as the state-of-the-art invisimount racking system, all from the same company, is unique to SunPower. The package also includes the new X-Series 360 AC panels.

Unbeatable 25-year warranty

SunPower’s exclusive 25-year warranty is the longest and the best in the solar industry.  This guarantees that your system is properly performing at its highest efficiency all the time, saving you stress and money in the long run.

It's time to electrify your life.

Solar + Home Energy Management