Zac Dowell, Sales Manager


Zac joined the Stellar Solar Team in 2009  designing and permitting PV systems while also installing with the crews on rooftops. That experience has given Zac the unique insight to understand every detail that goes into the sales, design and installation of the modern solar and storage systems.  It also led to his promotion to energy consultant and is now a part of a sales management team where Zac and his high school friend Dave Gersz have been “player coaches” for the Stellar Sales team since 2014.

He earned a degree in architectural engineering and spent 9 years as a land surveyor before making his way into the solar industry. 

Zac grew up in Deerfield Michigan and at the age of eight moved to Toledo Ohio where he started his first band at age 17.  His love for music has kept him playing guitar in bands ever since. His musical background has also enabled him to contribute to Stellar’s early radio ad campaigns. Zac’s greatest accomplishment is marrying his wife Elizabeth and raising their daughter Sophie.