No Cost Solar Programs in San Diego: What You Should Know

You’ve probably seen the ads while scrolling through Facebook. They read like: “San Diego County No-Cost Solar Program” or “No-Cost Solar Program in San Diego”. To the untrained eye, these ads may not even look like ads, they may be disguised as an article, or even some kind of government funded awareness campaign. Due to […]

What is the Average Size of A Solar System in San Diego? (Study)

When homeowners in San Diego County start doing their solar research, a common question they have is: What is the average sized solar system in their area?  This is a complex question, as the average size of a solar installation in any given community is based on a number of factors including: median home value […]

Solar Panel Lease Programs: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to installing solar power, some homeowners want the benefits of powering their home with solar, without the burden of ownership of the system. For these homeowners, solar panel lease programs can be a great option, as they allow homeowners to get solar installed and eliminate their power bills without having to make […]

Solar Power Installation Process: Everything You Need to Know

A common misconception about getting solar power is that the installation process is long, complicated, and stressful. Sometimes, this feeling comes from a previous experience the homeowner may have had with a home improvement contractor that was particularly challenging. However, the solar panel installation process is a highly-technical and a very precise operation, requiring a […]