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La Jolla Solar Panel Installation
La Jolla, or “the gem” is one of San Diego’s most desired areas. Nestled on large, steep cliff faces overlooking the Pacific, La Jolla is a beautiful, lush area adorned with incredible homes. Also home to UCSD, this area is known for its innovation, which makes it an ample area for homeowners looking to go solar.

La Jolla homeowners should know that they may be missing out on huge savings if they have not already gone solar. On average La Jolla gets around 2,000 hours of sunlight a year, which means there is potential for huge savings for solar homeowners. Not to mention the fact that SDGE’s rates are always going up, and you have a strong case for going solar in La Jolla.

Best Solar Company in La Jolla CA
Stellar Solar has been installing solar in La Jolla longer than any other solar company, since our beginnings in 1998. Since then we’ve installed on over 12,000 homes and businesses throughout San Diego County, including a ton in La Jolla. We’ve also earned the trust and respect of San Diego homeowners, illustrated by our winning of the Union Tribune’s “Best of” poll for best solar company 5 out of the last 7 years. We are reliable, trusted, and proven.

Check out a sampling of our 12,000+ installations from around the county:

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