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Tierrasanta Solar Installation
Tierrasanta is an inland San Diego community that is referred to as “The Island in the Hills”, as it does not border any other communities directly. It is known for its great hiking and awesome views, as well as the fact that famous pro skateboarder Tony Hawk grew up here. Being that it is so far inland and has so much sun exposure, Tierrasanta is also a great place for homeowners to save money on their power bills by switching to solar.

Tierrasanta homeowners stand to save a lot by going solar. That inland heat can really drive up AC bills in the summer, so in order to combat those increases, Tierrasanta can zero out their electric bills with rooftop solar panels. By going solar, these homeowners will decrease their dependence on SDGE, and free themselves to create their own power. With over 2,000 hours of sunlight a year in the area, it only makes sense to take advantage of nature’s most abundant resource.

Stellar Solar in Tierrasanta
Stellar Solar has been in the dominant solar installer in Tierrasanta since solar first started becoming popular around 1998. We’ve been verified as the best solar company in the area by our hundreds of positive reviews online, as well as our being voted the best solar company in San Diego 8 out of the last 10 years by readers of the Union Tribune San Diego. We’ve done hundreds of installations in the area, from ground mounts to clay tile roof installations and beyond. We’ve also done some very notable commercial installations around Tierrasanta including Cedars-Sinai Hospital, US Foodservice, and Scrooscoop Fastener Co. which is a further testament to our success.

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