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Going solar in Santa Ana has never been easier. Stellar Solar has been helping customers in Santa Ana to generate their own electricity from the sun for over since 1998. Stellar Solar has been voted Best Solar Company in San Diego three years in a row by readers of the San Diego Union-Tribune, as a result of its 6,000+ residential and commercial solar installations around Southern California. We have worked with commercial solar clients such as the Salk Institute, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, and Loyola University. Our solar team is the best and the brightest in the industry and was honored to be voted Best Solar Panel Company by San Diego Union-Tribune readers.

We recently became Orange County’s first SunPower Master Dealer, specially selected by SunPower to be its main Southern California distributor. Master Dealers are selected through a stringent qualification and evaluation process of installation quality and customer service by SunPower. We are ecstatic to receive this honor and are excited to combine our 18 years installing solar with SunPower’s 30 years of producing solar panels to create the ultimate solar product for homeowners.

Financing & SunPower Solar Lease
We’re pleased to say that Santa Ana homeowners can now install solar panels for no money down with SunPower by Stellar Solar and SunPower’s zero-down lease. This method is a game-changer, meaning you only make a low monthly payment that saves you money, right away! This is typically estimated around 40-60% of your current monthly electric bill. The SunPower solar panels used are favored by customers for their appearance, design, and quality as well as for being made by an American company. You can also pre-pay your solar lease for far less than the cost of purchasing a solar power system outright. This means you don’t have a monthly lease payment but still receive the maintenance and production benefits that come along with leasing.

Benefits of Installing a Solar Energy System
If your electric bill is over $100 per month, you are paying too much and will benefit from installing solar panels. Cash purchases are available as well. The cash purchase solar route offers a strong return on investment with systems paying for themselves within 3-6 years. Solar energy systems last as long as you live in the home and even include a 25-year warranty on top of that.

There is also a Federal Government 30% Investment Tax Credit available for your solar energy system, yet another incentive. Solar panels increase your home’s value, greatly reducing or removing your electric bill entirely while protecting you from future increases in energy rates.

Check out a sampling of our 12,000+ installations from around the county:

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