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Laguna Woods is a beautiful suburb inland of the famous Laguna Beach that is home to many exquisite golf courses, hotels, and incredible homes. Being close to the beach and many large companies while also retaining its suburban feel, Laguna Woods is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Due to Laguna Woods homeowners being not only well-off but environmentally conscious, solar has been very popular and widely adopted in the area.

Since solar really started taking off in Southern California, Laguna Woods homeowners have been some of the early adopters of the technology. Also, since the beginning, the homeowners in this area have been trusting Stellar Solar to install high-quality and highly-efficient solar systems. That’s because we’ve been installing solar longer than anyone else in the area, for over 20 years since 1998. If you do your research, you’ll find that we’ve been voted the best solar company in San Diego more times than any other company, and have accumulated hundreds of positive reviews about our services online. This all stems from our dedication to customer service and the installation services that we have honed over the years. If you’re looking to go solar in Laguna Woods, give us a look.

SunPower Laguna Woods
We have been very proud to be awarded SunPower Master Dealer status in 2016. SunPower specifically chose us out of hundreds of local San Diego companies to represent their global brand on a local level. Since then we’ve been installing only SunPower panels, and are excited to combine our 20 years of installing solar with their 30 years of solar manufacturing.

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